Spirit of AlohaLIVING ALOHA is a wholistic approach to building community. Locally we use ALOHA as a metaphor to inspire and to create understanding.

To live in the Spirit of Aloha consists of seven principles: kindness, unity, agreeableness, humility, patience, presence and breath.

This week, we celebrate the Spirit of Aloha and celebrate the integrity of our human spirit. We believe that building community through kindness and integrity is essential to creating healthy villages, towns, cities and a country.

LIVING ALOHA takes courage. We invite you to join us at the Fresh & Local Farm Store, and at the Fresh & Local Market + Kitchens where we believe that creating sustainable food is as important as building strong small businesses who are in touch with building community.

At Fresh & Local we see you and want to know your name. Come in and see our smiles for you. Aloha.

Join us on February 19 for the Spirit of Aloha Festival from 11am to 8pm.